Website Template Design
Website Template Design

Affordable Website Design with Premade Website Templates

Save the guesswork to the professionals and pick a premade website template ready for your business. Avoid the hassle of not knowing what your website will look like and browse our large selection of Website Templates that are ready to go.

We've networked with designers from around the world to gather a large collection of website designs that fit all types of businesses in various industries.

These Website Designs come at an affordable price and range from $50 to $200 per copy. You or your webmaster can then take the code and make it live the next day, it's that easy.

However, if you are not technical or do not have a website staff, we can help take each design and launch it for you.

Your Total Costs Include:

$50 to $200 = For a website design copy (or $2000 to $3500+ for a unique version.)

$550 = Customize the layout with your company logo, color, navigation text and integration of up to 5 pages of content that you provide. This also includes uploading to your website hosting server. If you don't have a website hosting server, we can provide many recommendations for you in purchasing a website hosting service.

$50 to $150 = Please add $50 per additional content page or $150 per additional new subpage design

$10 to $50/mo = Website Hosting

$10/yr = Domain Name Registration if you don't already own a domain name URL address

$500 = Basic Website SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This is to ensure your website design is search engine friendly so that Search Engines can find you.

$35 per half hour = To modify the layout and images outside of the default template design structure

$50 per half hour = Technical support for setting up your email and trouble shooting your website problems

Why Choose Us?

We're honest about our prices and will not hit you with an last minute hidden charges. We've very upfront and discuss with you the best priced solutions available to you.

What now? What are my next steps in getting a premade Website Template live:

Step 1: Pick a category on the left nav and browse through the thousands of websites in each area to find a design. If you don't find a specific category, you can also choose the Business category for a general business website look.

Step 2: Pick 1 or 2 designs that you find that fits your business the best, and write down the Website Template ID or Item number.

Step 3: Click here to contact us for a free consultation and to discuss the best website design and pricing options available for you.

Website Template Design
Website Template Design

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Website Template Design
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